"There must be a better way to make the things we want, a way that doesn’t spoil the sky, or the rain or the land." Paul McCartney

Everyone talks about sustainability, but what do we understand by a sustainable corporate philosophy?


On the previous pages, you have already been able to get an idea of our work and how we understand sustainability and how this understanding is reflected in our work. Basically, our approach is as follows: We consider which products we ourselves consider meaningful and then take a very close look at the production process. We identify the key manufacturers and then turn to our network to gather all necessary materials in as regional an environment as possible. Our partners, such as our carpentry, support us in this. Once we have determined the production resources, we can discuss the concrete production steps and delivery routes together with, for example, the carpenter, in order to make them as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible. Overall, our philosophy of sustainability consists of three segments:


We mainly work with regional partners and suppliers and bundle orders to avoid unnecessary travel. When delivering the end product, we make adjustments to minimize our ecological footprint. We focus on sustainability and ecological extraction and thus maintain the highest quality. We avoid intermediaries as much as possible and check the quality of the wood ourselves during our regular visits.


The trend is currently moving towards more natural products and furnishings. Wood is allowed to have knots again, tell its own story, and the natural form of tree edges is more popular than ever. We do not believe in a "throwaway society". We want our products to last as long as possible. For this reason, we quickly began to develop our own range of products. This gives us the greatest possible influence on the selection of raw materials. Therefore, we consciously avoid components made of plastic and other non-compostable materials and instead opt for durable and biodegradable products.

Where possible, we trade in products bearing the FSC® or PEFC label. These products are distinguished by their assured origin from responsible, sustainable forest management. We prove that we are a competent supplier of sustainably produced wood products with our FSC and PEFC certificates, which are regularly reviewed by an independent assessor. Feel free to ask us about certified products.3


In our collections, we pay strong attention to using products whose manufacturing processes can be synchronized and creating as many synergy effects as possible. An example: When we produce products in walnut or oak, we can quickly create capacities based on established partners in the existing production process to manufacture other products from the same materials, without emitting more CO2. In the long term, we try to harmonize all products more or less, to use common raw materials, and to use as many levers as possible in production, delivery, and sales to keep the CO2 balance as low as possible and the efficiency in the use of raw materials as high as possible. In our view, neither the consumer nor the producer has sole responsibility for their ecological footprint. Both sides should do their utmost to preserve this planet.